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How Salt and Sodium impact your Blood Pressure

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One of the key lifestyle changes in high blood pressure is eating food in low salt and sodium. Doctors will recommend Reduce salt and sodium in your daily diet. On a daily basis an average human being consumes more salt or sodium as needed by body. If you really pay attention to daily diet starting from breakfast to dinner and including snacks between breaks you will be surprised to know that you are taking more salt and sodium then recommended 2.4 grams of slat or less. How many times do we read labels on packaged food, you will be surprised how much nuts, mixed nuts, chips and other packaged foods are packed with sodium.

Start paying attention to the food you eat. Cut down your frequent trips to restaurants and snack shops or choose wisely food low in salt and sodium. While shopping pay attention to food labels,  don’t buy food which is high in sodium. Adding fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet will reduce dependence on salt.

Top Five Tips for Reducing Sodium and Salt

1. Avoid buying canned food, which are high in sodium.

2. Wash canned food to reduce some sodium.

3. Buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and poultry

4. Avoid or cut back on frozen items such as pizza, packaged food.

5. Use seasoning with low sodium.

How to read Food label

It is important to read food label on food items especially on packaged food items. Also understand what one serving means on package food item. If you see food label showing sodium free or less sodium on food label still you should check total sodium preserving. The common terms used to popularize food item for less sodium are “sodium free” , “low sodium”, “unsalted” or “low in sodium’. Apart from reading sodium level food label also provides information on calories, total fat and cholesterol.

First read the number of servings in package. Let’s say you bought a can of beans. It has four servings. Each serving is ½ cup.

Next you read how much is sodium per serving and what is daily percentage. Based on this you will know how much sodium you are taking per serving.

Important things to read are “Number Of Servings”, “Amount Per Serving”, “Percent Daily Value”, “Nutrients”. Make this as habit whenever you go to buy packaged foods. This will help you to Reduce Salt and Sodium

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Blood Pressure Reading Explained Visually

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Blood Pressure Reading Explained Visually

Information on Blood pressure, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Lifestyle changes required for Blood Pressure. More blood pressure articles available at Blood Pressure Reading

Blood Pressure Reading
Blood Pressure Reading

How Aerobics helps Blood Pressure patients in lowering High Blood pressure

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How Aerobics helps Blood Pressure patients in lowering High Blood pressure

<p>This is good exercise for all age. This is one of the few exercises which can be performed by all ages. These days you will see Aerobic clinics or aerobic classes available in community centers, recreational facilities and also in fitness center.  These classes are not costly and you don’t have to buy any special equipment for workout. Before you start doing aerobics on your own it will be good idea to get few classes from certified instructor.

Top 10 Benefits of Aerobics

1.  Reduces Weight –  Coupled with lifestyle changes it makes you loose weight and makes your waistline slimmer.

2.  Immune System –  This exercise is so good that it strengthens your immune system and giving you enough strength to face seasonal viral or allergies

3. Healthy Heart – Aerobics helps heart to pump blood more into blood vessels and more efficiently.

4. Waste Products – Free flow of blood in arteries removes waste products.
5.  Longer Life – According to medical study those who adopt aerobics as their lifestyle tend to live healthy and longer.

6. Added Benefits –  Self-discipline, Team Sportsmanship, Increased Confidence.
7.  Stamina & Endurance – Increases your body strength and vital organs function efficiently.

8. Chronic Medical Conditions – Adopt Aerobics it reduces risk of having diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart stroke and diseases related to overweight.

9.  Blood Pressure –  Aerobics exercise lowers elevated high blood pressure

10.  Stress – Aerobics also helps in reducing tension, stress, anxiety, and depression

Regardless of your age, medical and physical condition you should consult your doctor before opting for Aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise does give benefits to high blood pressure patients but you need approval from Doctor. This is all about benefits of aerobic for lowering High Blood pressure.

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Top Ten Blood Pressure Tips

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Top Ten Blood Pressure Tips

The following top ten blood pressure tips are helpful to reduce elevated blood pressure. Would you like to check these tips to reduce blood pressure?  Due to stress, age and environment effect, cardiovascular issues are inevitable.</b> What you can do is to bring discipline in life by following a healthy lifestyle. The steps taken under healthy lifestyle will lead to healthy body, which in turn will help to reduce High Blood Pressure. Take every step to stop this silent killer (Hypertension or high blood pressure). Undetected high blood pressure not treated on time can lead to heart attack, kidney failure and other diseases. The truth is, if medication and changes in lifestyle are not done in time then you are seriously putting yourself in great danger.

Top Ten Tips to Help You Control Your High Blood Pressure
1.  First thing become knowledgeable about the diseases. Don’t be ignorant. You should know that blood pressure reading below 120/80 shows that person has no sign of high blood pressure. Ensure your high blood pressure is less than 120/80. Take medical help if your blood pressure is high.

2.  Do not discard doctor’s advice. If you are on blood pressure medication follow the prescribe direction.  Your Doctor can best advice on medication, lifestyle changes and the exercises, which suit best to your body.
3.  Maintain healthy Weight.  Extra pounds of weight increase chances of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Use BMI  tool (Body Mass Index) to calculate what body weight you should have according to your age. Check with your doctor for more details.

4.  Your intake of salt & sodium in food should be low. People with high blood pressure are recommended to eat food with low salt and sodium. Check with doctor for more details.
5.  Daily 30 minutes of physical activity is needed. You can start with walking, running, swimming etc. Start slowly so that you don’t put pressure on your body. Once your body is tune to exercise or walking you can increase duration.  In case of doing any physical exercise such as walking, aerobics, workout etc. in one session makes you tired. Split your exercise schedule into two session. One each in  morning and in evening.  <b>Please  consult your doctor for more advice.

6.  In today’s fast paced life we struggle to get time for exercise and cook daily fresh food. Because of our multiple commitments, we have less time to cook fresh food at home. We depend upon package food available in supermarket. Package foods are high in sodium and fats. Make habit of reading nutrition labels. You will be surprised to know almost all packaged foods contain sodium and that too in high quantity. Reading labels will give you knowledge about how much sodium in in one serving.
7.  Due to modern science many blood pressure monitoring tools are available in market. These tools help us to monitor our blood pressure on daily basis. Maintain you diary to monitor your blood pressure readings. Note down these reading and share with your Doctor.
8.  You can also note your daily serving of sodium in diary. Start eliminating package foods from your daily diet. Add fresh produce and low fat dairy products in your daily diet.

9.  Add fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and low-fat dairy food in your diet. Your doctor should help you in preparing diet plan. Follow diet plan to reduce high blood pressure. This change in your lifestyle is needed.
10.  Reducing consumption of alcohol is required to lower blood pressure. Consumption of alcohol increases .

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How Yoga helps lower Blood Pressure

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How Yoga helps to lower blood pressure

Unlike other exercises in which pressure is on muscle and blood vessels here it is less pressure on body and heart. Different Yoga postures, if done correctly help in optimizing vital organs and making body work efficiently.

Yoga is very effective in combating the cause of blood pressure and helps in controlling blood pressure. Yoga postures (Asamas – Sanskrit word) bring calmness in mind, lowers thought process and gives increased concentration. Also it reduces anxiety, stress and stabilizes nervous system.

There are many therapeutic benefits of Yoga. Yoga exercises are combination of physical, breathing and some are based on Pranayama. The exercises are geared towards achieving total health both physical and spiritual.

Pranayama is way to control your breathing and reduce stress on your mind. Any stress on mind disturbs breathing and puts pressure on heart. Pranayam helps in achieving coordination between breathing rhythm and heart and it results into better blood circulation in body.  The controlled breathing helps in maintaining the stability of mind and brings calmness in mind. Information on Pranayama for lowering blood pressure

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Malignant Hypertension Symptoms

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 MalignantHypertensionMalignant Hypertension Symptoms
This is a medical emergency and under this condition following are the symptoms of this disease. It requires urgent medical attention to lower elevated blood pressure.

Malignant Hypertension Symptoms
1. Changes in mental status such as Anxiety, Fatigue, Confusion etc.
2. Blurred vision
3. Chest pain
4. Seizure
5. Decreased Urinary
6. Shortness breath

In case Malignant Hypertension remain untreated for longer time will show swelling in optic nerve in eye or retinal bleeding etc. This can also affect kidneys and will affect functioning of  kidneys.</p>

Malignant Hypertension Treatment

Since this is a medical emergency it requires immediate treatment and possible stay in hospital till elevated blood pressure is under control. Doctors will prescribe medications and medications are administered through vein to bring blood pressure down. Patients can be given one more drugs to reduce affect on heart and other vital body organs.  The medication is given through vein only to bring elevated blood pressure. Once blood pressure is down other oral medications are given to patients to control blood pressure.

This is serious condition and it can be treated only by medical professional and most likely in hospital setting. If Malignant Hypertension remains untreated for longer time can lead to serious health issues which might be life threatening.

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What is Isolated Systolic Hypertension

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Information about Isolated Systolic Hypertension

For many years, Doctors and medical scientists primarily focused on diastolic pressure for blood pressure patients. The ground theory for this notion was that elevated pressure in body can be controlled or body can handle high blood pressure. The focus was on diastolic blood pressure, if blood pressure went too low it will lead to organ failure eventually leading to complex health problems.

Over the years lot of research has been done in blood pressure field and now medical scientific community holds high systolic pressure (high blood pressure) as important as diastolic pressure (low blood pressure). The Isolated Systolic Hypertension affects m ore to people over the age of 50.  </p>

<p>Isolated Systolic Hypertension patients have risk of getting congestive heart failure, heart attack, stroke and other medical complications. If treatment is not given on time or left for long time untreated can lead to serious medical conditions, which will require urgent hospitalization.

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